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With a team of fully-credentialed professionals on your side, your retirement options have never been better!  

Our experts have earned credentials certifying their expertise in both the Civil Service Retirement (CSRS) and the Federal Employees Retirement (FERS) Systems. In addition to the Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC) and FedSmart certificates, our team includes Retirement Management Analysts (RMA), Certified Financial Planners, (CFP), and BA, BS, and MBA degree holders.

They’ve helped thousands of FERS and CSRS participants understand their pensions and benefits, and have helped complete hundreds of retirement packets.

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Life Insurance
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CSRS VCP rollovers

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Social Security Planning

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Why Federal Benefits and Retirement?

Each organization has a mission to fulfill, and each employee fills a role in that organization’s mission. 

The conclusion is simple: when we do our job well helping federal employees sort out their benefits and financial situations, the organization as a whole is more likely to achieve success in their organizational goals.

Our Mission:

Help every federal employee achieve their retirement goals through planning.

Our team of seasoned professionals believes deeply in teamwork and sees themselves as part of a much larger team made up of the employees spouse, HR professionals, attorneys and accountants, with the employee personally at the helm.

Our team is passionate about serving the needs of every person with respect and transparency. They aim to provide personalized, expert advice regarding federal employee retirement and benefits to every client along with any other financial matter that falls within their expertise.

Our team is committed to continually improving themselves through continuing education, professional training, and earning additional certifications and credentials.

With our team on your side, you’ve got a reliable partner and coach in helping you grasp and surmount the complexities of federal job benefits.

The Fiduciary Standard and what it means to you!

In advising our clients, Federal Benefits and Retirement follows the Fiduciary Standard.

This standard was first implemented in 1940 as part of the Investment Advisors Act. It establishes the financial industry’s most stringent, consumer-centric guidelines for advising clients. This rule obligates advisors to put the financial interests of clients above all other considerations. This means avoiding or disclosing all conflicts of interest.

Our use of the Fiduciary Standard ensures each client of receiving honest, thoughtful guidance—guidance that’s tailored to fit each unique circumstance and need

We have conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars across dozens of federal departments and agencies. We’ve also done thousands of individual reviews, giving us extensive experience in and understanding of issues related to federal employee benefits and retirement. We would be delighted to put our experience and expertise to work for your agency, or to evaluate and advise you on an individual basis as you move toward your own retirement goals.

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