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TSP - Making Investment Changes

Making changes to your TSP investments can be confusing. The most common questions people have involve making changes to investments. To help, we've prepared two short how-to videos. Note: The investment allocations in the below videos should not be considered investment advice. These are just examples to demonstrate how to navigate these options on the tsp.gov website.

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Video 1: How to Change Existing TSP Fund Allocations via Interfund Transfer

In this video, Richard explains how to change the allocation of investments for money that is currently held in your TSP via an interfund transfer. This is done online at tsp.gov.

Video 2: How to Change New Money Going into TSP via Contribution Allocations

In this video, Matt explains how to change the allocation of investments for new money coming into your TSP from a pay allotment via a contribution allocation. This is also at the tsp.gov website.
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